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Realtors. Sell your listing faster.

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In today’s competitive market place, floor plans help realtors sell homes. The average prospective homeowner may visit up to 10 listings in a single weekend. Giving out a floor plan as a hand out, or uploading a floor plan to your website or MLS page helps buyers remember your product. Don’t lose a sale because people can’t remember your listing. Our floor plans help jog memories.

We’ve listed a great article with more tips for your clients to consider when selling their home:

Top Tips on Selling Your House – 8 Cost Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property!

By Sam Renstaff

Getting the right price is the most important concern a seller should consider. It is also important that you get the best price you can. In this article, you will find helpful tips on selling your house. These are very simple jobs which you can actually do by yourself with a minimum cost. Follow these simple ways and increase the value of your property.

1. Secure help from a professional floor plan company. Knowing the exact measurement of your property’s square footage will be advantageous when selling your house.

2. The appearance of your front yard is very important. This is the first thing a home buyer sees. They will most likely consider your house more appealing if your front yard looks inviting. A neat landscape brings a calming effect. Have your lawn mowed and your hedges trimmed. Remove those growing weeds and clear any kind of trash. Keep all your gardening tools out of sight. Add shrubs and flowers to your front yard. This will add to the beauty of your home.

3. The inside of your home is as equally important as your front yard. You have to make sure that it is neatly organized. Be on the safe side. Put away things that you think would devalue your property.

4. If the inside walls and ceilings of your home are already showing signs of wear and tear, give them a touch of new paint. However, if you are on a really tight budget and repainting may be a bit costly. Try putting in some elbow grease and that should give your walls and ceilings a fresh look.

5. Naturally, the sun causes colors to fade. Replacing your old set of curtains or blinds with new ones will give your home that fresh, new feeling it deserves. This is one of the best tips on selling your house that effectively works.

6. Pay attention to your carpet. A thoroughly shampooed carpet gives your home a clean look which will help a lot in increasing your property’s value. The cleaner your home is, the greater the chances of getting noticed for the right reasons.

7. A spacious and clean kitchen can add value to your home. If you can’t afford to have that expensive kitchen renovation, just do the simple things instead. Refinish the coating of your old and worn kitchen cabinets with a light-colored finish. This will brighten up your kitchen giving it a fresh, new feeling.

8. Replace your old light bulbs to one’s with a higher wattage. A well-lit home creates an inviting ambiance to prospective buyers. Make sure to replace the old switches and outlets in your home to give it all that “just-new” feeling.

There are a many more tips on selling your house, but why don’t you try these things first. You can complete these tasks, with a little effort, yourself and all at minimum cost! Of course it should help to increase the value of your home.

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Does it Fit?

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Furniture shopping for your new place? Don’t know if that beautiful new chaise lounge sofa set is going to fit a room?

Take the stress out of styling your new home with our floor plan services. With one of our floor plans in hand, you will choose the right furniture the FIRST TIME to fit your new home.

Here’s a related article with some helpful tips for you to consider.

Furniture Placement Tips

By Vanessa A. Doctor

Modern furniture is a great way to accessorize your home. They are more functional than any other type of home appliance today. But like the traditional furniture designs, these modern items should be properly placed and managed in your homes. If proper placement is achieved, your furniture could look more tidy and attractive.

Let us learn some popular placement tips by reading the sections found below.

Create a Floor Plan

Before moving anything, you have to create a proper floor plan which can efficiently manage your modern furniture at home. Measure the rooms in your home and the furniture that you are planning to move in. If you lack experience in such task, you can use a room planner to create a floor plan easily. The proper placement of furniture can only be determined through floor plans. They are a crucial step in moving or transferring furniture in your homes.

Revolve Around a Focal Point

A focal point is very essential in furniture placement. The focal point is the first one you see when you enter a room or space. This can be a large painting hanging on the wall, a fireplace, a big jar, or a picture window to name a few. Some designers paint one wall with a different color and make this as the room’s focal point. The rest of the room can be accessorized with shelving and artwork to emphasize the focal point even more.

Divide Large Rooms

Large rooms should be separated into different sections. There should be smaller room areas like entertainment and reading rooms. Large rooms have to be divided so the room can be more functional. A suitably arranged room can also result to a tidier place.

Choose Forms of Balance

Modern furniture should be placed accordingly in a room. A symmetrically arranged room is more restful to look at. An asymmetrical room provides visual interest and motion. Home owners usually base the placement of their furniture on these two forms of balance.

Consider the Following Tips

o Place rugs between furniture to define an area.
o Decide whether to put bigger items first.
o Avoid placing too many pieces against a wall.
o Allow 3 feet of open space for going in and out of a room.
o Remove items which are not necessary since this can only take more space in a room.
o Use chairs and sofas no farther than 10 feet apart. This usually helps save space to accommodate more modern furniture in a place. — Modern Furniture

Vanessa Arellano Doctor from, a SEO Company.

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Floor Plans Generate Excitement

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Excitement for your listing means SOLD! Floor plans are a great marketing tool. Distribute them as a handout at open houses, upload them to your website to complement a virtual tour. or put them on your MLS Realty page to inform potential clients. Prospective home buyers appreciate as much information as possible. We help you provide that.

Below is an article we found that further explains the functions and benefits of a floor plan.

Floor Plan Drafting Explained

By Brian M. Curran


Floor plan drafting is but one of many different types of services offered by drafting service businesses. In this article I will discuss floor plan drafting as it pertains to existing structures. I will point out when such drafting would be called for, and what content would be drafted.

Defining Terms

Drafting is the craft or trade of drawing. The type of drawing that comes to my mind personally is technical drawing. In the AEC industry, plans are what is drawn. Plans are sometimes known as blueprints. However, nowadays drafting is done using CAD software, so the term blueprint is a bit out of date.

“Floor plan drafting”, as it pertains to existing structures, is a term that refers to the process of a person visiting a structure in order to measure a floor plan with a hand held tape measure and a hand held laser distance measuring device. Then subsequently using CAD software to draft the floor plan from the measurements that were collected in the field.

The Need

Floor plans of existing structures could be required for many different reasons. Let’s look at two hypothetical scenarios in order to better understand the demand for such drawings.

Consider for example if one were selling his apartment, and a potential buyer from across the world wanted to see the layout of the apartment, along with the associated number of square feet of living space. A floor plan of the apartment could provide the information needed to meet both of these requests.

Alternatively, consider if one owned a private home and wanted to enlarge his kitchen, complete with a new cabinet and appliance layout. Suppose he wanted to do so by demolishing a common wall and combining the existing kitchen with an adjacent room. In order to determine what type of cabinet and appliance layout would fit the new space, a floor plan of the two existing rooms would most likely be the starting point of the renovation project.

What Would Be Drafted?

In the past I have been asked, “What is normally included in a floor plan?” The answer to this question is as follows.

First, let’s understand what the word “plan” means. The word “plan”, or “plan view” as it is used in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, is the top-down view of something. To better comprehend this, let’s consider the first floor of a house as an example. A “plan view” of the first floor of a house would be a top-down view of it. The plan view would be the perspective of the floor as if a bird were hovering over it and looking down upon it.

Now, in regards to “What is normally included…”. It would normally include the exterior walls, interior walls, window openings, door openings, stairs, bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. Also, on more complex floor plans, more information may be included, such as cabinetry, radiators, mechanical equipment, electrical outlets, switches, light fixtures, alarm panels, heating registers and et cetera.

In Closing

Floor plan drafting of existing structures could be required for many different reasons, and a drawing could include more or less information depending on what it would be used for. Nevertheless, as have been mentioned, there would be some basic elements that all floor plan drawings would contain.

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